Myrtle Beach 2017 – Country Music Fest


Something that is always a part of my summers are country concerts. There is just something about a southern tune, a drink in your hand and singing in the hot weather. This year me and a friend decided to check out the Country Music Fest in Myrtle Beach…. yes, Dirty Myrtle. And while it did stay true to it’s name, we were able to uncover a few local places that kept the fun times coming.

Country Music Fest


I’ll start off with telling you about my take on the Country Music Fest. This year’s highlights were Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, Billy Currington, Jason Aldean and many more. This festival is ultimately a large party. So come prepared for every night to be a unique experience while you enjoy some good ‘ol country music!

We had General Admission tickets, and although the VIP and Super VIP tickets cost a lot more, they are definitely worth it. We found that with the General Admission tickets, its difficult to see the stage and experience the concerts (mostly just from jumbotrons), it was very over-crowded and there were limited places to sit, along with long waits to grab a drink. On the other hand, you will truly experience Dirty Myrtle and all it has to over, meet some interesting people, eat “fair” like food (like chicken on a stick) and enjoy some good tunes either way.

I also recommend booking early and getting access to a beachfront hotel within a short walking distance from the festival. There are concerts going on from 10 AM in the morning until 12 AM at night, so if you have the ability to pick and choose the concerts you want to go to and go back and forth from and chilling at the hotel or beach and going to concerts, that would be ideal. We were a little further away (about 1 mile or so) so when we went, we would go for 5-6 hours at a time. We epically failed a few times trying to get an uber from the festival and had to walk 4-5 blocks to get a ride back to our hotel.

Overall, we had a ton of fun singing, dancing, drinking and meeting new people, but will purchase the VIP tickets if we go back for Round 2! Next on my bucket list is Crash my Playa in Riveria Maya, Mexico.

Favorite Food Spot: Lulu’s Cafe


The first place that I want to tell you about, we went back for seconds we loved it so much – Lulu’s Cafe! It’s proximity to the beach was great and they had mouth-watering breakfast and lunch options. I am a breakfast-lover myself: they have options for those of you with a sweet tooth or if you enjoy more of a “traditional” breakfast with eggs, bacon, you name it – they have it. Each morning we went, I decided to try something new. The first day I got the “Big Chicken Biscuit” and the second day got the “Elivs French Toast” aka peanut butter banana stuffed french toast wonderfulness. Megan loves lunch options more, so she got their fish tacos (two days in a row they were so good!).


Not only was the food delicious, but the service was even better. We sat outside each day and had the same waiter. He grew up in the area, was super friendly, and was able to give us some ideas of places to check out. He actually recommended that we check out Bummz (see below) when we asked for recommendations on bars on the beach. Lulu’s also has a deal on Yelp that if you spend $30 or more you can get a free t-shirt. Because we came two days in a row, he let us both get t-shirts that say “I <3 Bacon, Lulu’s Cafe” on them – how fun!

Check out this t-shirt deal, more photos & reviews on Yelp: Lulu’s Cafe

Favorite Beach Bar: Bummz


If you are a true “beach bum,” you will love this bar. You will also love the view, the casual setting and a special drink they serve called a “Beach Relief”. We hung out at this spot after we ate breakfast both mornings at Lulu’s Cafe. It’s only a short walk from Lulu’s and is right on the beach. We enjoyed soaking up the sun in Bummz’ adirondack chairs, sipping on our drinks and making plans for a night full of country concerts. They also have great food if you need a bite to eat while you sit by the beach.


Check out more photos & review of Bummz: Bummz Beach Cafe


Favorite Hotel Pool: Hotel Blue


We found this little spot randomly the last day we were in Myrtle Beach. Originally we were hanging out on the beach, but we wanted to find a spot with a little less sand, drinks and some good music… and then we found Hotel Blue. They had these awesome lounge chairs that were in shallow water in the pool, a swim up bar, and yummy tropical drinks. Not only were we able to stay cool while we soaked up the sun, but they had a DJ playing by the pool that made the entire day a lot of fun! If you’re looking to escape for a little from the sand, I would definitely check out Hotel Blue.


I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about my Myrtle Beach experience! Feel free to leave comments if you have any suggestions on other places to check out in Myrtle Beach, or if one of these places happens to be a favorite of yours as well!


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