We came. We saw. We ate. We shopped ’til we dropped.

For my first post, I thought I would share some of the highlights and must-see places from my trip to New York City over Memorial Day Weekend.

From the glittering lights and views to their love-for-brunch the city did not disappoint. A very good friend of mine, Mallory, is currently attending medical school in New Hampshire, so NYC is the perfect place in the middle for us to meet up and have some fun.

Hotel + Location

The Lexington (Midtown East)

If you’ve ever booked a trip to NYC you know there are a lot of options. The number one question you should ask yourself is… where am I going to spend the majority of my time? If you are interested in being close to tourist attractions, but not being right in the middle of the craziness of Time Square, The Lexington is a great choice.

We chose this location in Midtown East because we love to shop and eat. 5th Ave is only two blocks away, so you are only a short walk away from all the shopping you could possibly imagine. There are also a lot of hot-and-new restaurants in the area that we were able to check out. We were pleasantly surprised on Sunday when there was also a street event with local vendors set up with goods & food.

View when you walk into room of bed, TV, desk and outside view. Black out curtains were a plus!
King size bed that was very comfy. However, I would recommend bringing your own pillow (they were very firm). Fun art-deco style to the room as you can see from the decor over the bed.

Our room was surprisingly spacious. Being girls that love to shop, by the third day, our clothes, makeup and shopping bags are all over the place… but the room never felt crowded. Although the bathroom was rather small (especially the counter space), there was a huge floor length mirror that we used for getting ready to go out on the town.

We also had a pretty nice view from our room. We were on the 16th floor of the hotel. Not only was I really impressed with the room & view, but the amenities and service were also outstanding. There was free Wifi, a coffee bar (if you know me, I cannot function without my morning coffee) and quick service. The style of the spacious lobby was very modern, but comfy. I ended up hanging out there doing some work on my laptop before my departure on Monday.

I always use TripAdvisor when trying to find a hotel that is not only affordable but will set the stage for a great time. You can find more information, photos and reviews of The Lexington (and book your trip!) on TripAdvisor: The Lexington Hotel


The Horny Ram (Midtown East)

Bottomless brunch starts at 11 AM on Saturday. Need I say more?

The Horny Ram is known for their M&M pancakes and bottomless brunch in Midtown East on Saturday & Sundays. We arrived right after 11 AM with the fear that there would be a long line, but the restaurant was just opening and there were only six people or so in front of us. We sat up on the terrace on the 2nd floor since the weather was beautiful. Bottomless drinks are $19 for all you can drink of your drink of your choice: Mimosa, Belini or Bloody Mary. The only catch here is that you have to drink fast because there is a one and a half hour limit (I’m not complaining). I went for the Belinis and Mallory went for the Mimosas. Hat’s off to the Horny Ram because they did their bottomless drinks just right. Let’s just say there was much more champagne than juice and we had a little too much fun…

Not only did we enjoy the drinks at brunch, but The Horny Ram also had some great bites. I got the Chicken & Waffles Sandwich and Mallory got the Eggs Benedict (Vegetarian style with kale instead of bacon). My Chicken & Waffles sandwich had a not just crispy chicken, but a fried egg over easy, Adirondack cheddar, avocado & maple syrup, and a cute little ram flag! These dishes were the perfect compliment to our bottomless cocktails.

Check out more photos & reviews on Yelp: The Horny Ram

The Bagel Store (Brooklyn)

Brooklyn is home to one of the coolest bagel stores I’ve ever stepped in.  “The Bagel Store” may be a common name, but this is no common bagel store. I grew up eating sausage, egg & cheese bagels,  you know the plain, everything, onion bagels, but these bagels were special because they are rainbow! The color of the bagel I chose to get was called “Magical Unicorn”. The bagels’ taste is plain, but they are a little sweeter than your typical plain bagel… I actually didn’t mind it though.

Not only do they have many different swirls of rainbow bagels, but they also have “Rainbow Dreams”, Salted Caramel Cookie Butter, and Cookie Dough cream cheeses. If you have a sweet tooth, look no further. We made the trek from Manhattan to Brooklyn just to check out this spot, and it was definitely worth it!

Check out more photos & reviews on Yelp: The Bagel Store

These are a couple of my favorites from my NYC trip this year. I can’t wait to go back soon and try out some new restaurants, nightlife and unique shopping. If you have any additional suggestions, please comment below!


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